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madVR Labs, LLC - Envy Extreme MK2
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Envy Extreme MK2 Series Video Processor

Model: Envy Extreme MK2

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Introducing the all-new madVR Envy MK2 - a true powerhouse in dedicated video processing for elite home theaters and media rooms. With a huge boost in GPU power, upgraded state-ofthe-art system components, a completely redesigned cooling system, a new premium backlit remote control, and an exquisite custom case designed from the ground up, the Envy MK2 is the result of one and a half years of meticulous development and engineering.

Additionally, the Envy MK2 boasts several industry-first features, a new premium backlit remote control, user-friendly installation and operation, and an unmatched 5-year warranty on parts and labor. Whether you're a professional high-end integrator or an enthusiast seeking the ultimate cinematic experience, the Envy MK2 delivers unparalleled video quality, performance, and reliability. Below, we explore the details that make the Envy MK2 truly exceptional and set it even further apart in the marketplace.

The Envy Extreme MK2 features the Nvidia 4080 GPU, boosting GPU power by as much as 100% over the 3080 used in the Extreme MK1, while also offering exceptional benefits in cooling and efficiency. This additional GPU power provides important headroom for the Envy to run more concurrent algorithms and at higher quality levels now, while paving the way for future, industry-first AI-based algorithms. The first such GPU demanding algorithm, already in beta testing, is our game changing MotionAITM motion interpolation technology. Other industry-first AI-based algorithms on our roadmap, include:

AI-based Dynamic Tone Mapping (DTM gen3)

Motion compensated multi-frame noise reduction

Motion compensated multi-frame super resolution (upscaling)

Motion compensated multi-frame deinterlacing

NGU Upscaling 2.0

Luma guided AI chroma upscaling, and more.

The Envy MK2 features premium upgraded components throughout, now also including ECC RAM and doubled SSD storage and RAM size, setting a new standard for dedicated video processing in the home theater market. The use of ECC RAM is an especially notable achievement, as it is typically only available in professional workstation and server environments, where stability and reliability are critical. This technology automatically detects and corrects random RAM bit errors, ensuring unparalleled performance and stability in the Envy MK2.

Combined with other cutting-edge hardware, including a more powerful CPU, the increased SSD storage, and the expanded RAM capacity, the Envy MK2 delivers an exceptional video processing experience that is second to none now and well-positioned for the future. The Envy Pro MK2 also features an upgraded GPU over its predecessor, with a triple-fan design for enhanced cooling efficiency and noise reduction, and shares the same high-end case, premium components including ECC RAM, upgraded CPU, doubled SSD storage and RAM size, quieter and more advanced power supply than its predecessor, premium backlit remote control, and Glacier X2 cooling system, all as found in the Extreme MK2.

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