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Statue of Liberty Museum

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Statue of Liberty Museum
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Situated on Liberty Island, the Statue of Liberty is an iconic monument recognized across the globe as a symbol of freedom and opportunity. The newest attraction on Liberty Island is the Statue of Liberty Museum, which welcomes visitors who want to learn about the statue’s history. The new museum was built to fill the need for a larger, more accessible space where all visitors can explore and learn interactively. Focused on accessibility, education, and sustainability, this popular NYC tourist attraction provides an engaging experience for visitors through state-ofthe-art experiential exhibits and a significant collection of cultural artifacts. 


Innovative, immersive exhibits are integral to the visitor experience. The museum features two interactive galleries, an immersive theater, and a beautiful display of the original torch with a view of the monument behind it. The video technology behind the displays needed to deliver the best possible image quality, without any glitches or lag due to latency, and be dependable and user-friendly.


Working with systems integrator Diversified, Lawrence Estevez-Smith, Director of Information Technology at The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. identified Crestron DM NVX™ AV-over-IP technology as the best solution to meet the needs of the museum, both now and going forward, thanks to its flawless 4K image quality, renowned Crestron reliability, easy scalability, and cost effectiveness. 


Video is routed to nearly 100 endpoints throughout the museum, including kiosks and wall-mounted displays. A focal point of the museum is a 40x20- foot video wall that displays dynamic content. In all, DM NVX endpoints are installed in more than a dozen different locations throughout the museum, delivering flawless video content over the museum’s existing 1Gb network. “The content in the museum was created to be both educational and fun,” says Estevez-Smith. “Visitors are able to control their experience and what appears on the screen, which creates a unique learning opportunity. DM NVX was the perfect solution to support that kind of activity.”


Crestron DM NVX technology has played an integral role in enabling the Statue of Liberty Museum to present informative content in an entertaining way that enhances the experience of the thousands of daily visitors.

“We’re confident that we’re giving visitors the opportunity to create an enjoyable experience for themselves. Thanks to DM NVX, we never have to worry about the technology behind these exhibits.” Lawrence Estevez-Smith The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., Director, Information Technology

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