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Krav’n, a Family Owned Bar and Grill Gets a 4K Upgrade!

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Krav’n, a Family Owned Bar and Grill Gets a 4K Upgrade!
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Sioux Falls, South Dakota is not exactly a metropolitan hub. At around 200,000 people, it is a nice mid-western city room to grow. When Sioux Falls-based A/V integrator firm Home Definition was approached by local Sports Bar and Grill, Krav’n, to upgrade the Video Distribution system, surprisingly, they didn’t have to look far.

AVPro Edge is also based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. As a manufacturer of professional audio video distribution products, it is the go-to choice for Home Definition when it comes to signal extension. Sending HDMI signals long distances can be challenging, particularly when image quality is of importance. Home Definition knew that AVPro Edge offers completely uncompressed video distribution built for stability (the 10-year warranty backs that up!).

So that is how three Sioux Falls small businesses worked together to complete one stunning entertaining place for UFC, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB fans to come and support their team and dine on delicious food and drink.

THE JOB Krav’n is an established sports bar popular in their neighborhood, and during a recent remodel, the business took the opportunity to revamp and upgrade their A/V system. The current system was a pain point for servers and bartenders and wasn’t very easy on the eyes. Hanging wires and no control system caused headaches for employees.

Krav’n contacted Home Definition at this point. Lance from Home Definition

Krav’n, a Family Owned Bar and Grill Gets a 4K Upgrade! A CASE STUDY: How Three Sioux Falls Small Businesses Worked Together to Deliver an Exceptional Experience for All

worked with Mark Fonder, owner of Krav’n, on his needs and wants, coming up with a video distribution system that fit his needs and budget. They would be using satellite receivers as their inputs and needed to ensure that any signal being output would reach each display completely unimpeded, retaining image quality. Krav’n has 20 4K displays, and you would be hard-pressed to find a spot that doesn’t come with a great view of the game. Home Definition put together everything that would be needed, from source to display and everything in-between.

THE SOLUTION That in-between was AVPro Edge. Home Definition placed all the sources in a rack in a back hallway, away from any customer’s view, and needed those sources to play on displays all around Krav’n, including the bar, patio, billiards area, and dining area. Distributing 4K video content is a specialty of AVPro Edge, so using HDBaseT technology inside the AC-EX70-UHD-KIT from AVPro Edge, Home Definition was able to send 4K audio-video signals over 130 feet via a discreet single CAT cable.

The AC-EX70-UHD-KIT from AVPro edge consists of a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is connected to the source in the rack room, and the receiver is connected to the display. Inbetween those units is a single piece of CAT6 cable that carries the 4K video signal with ease. Using sleek mounting tactics, Home Definition was able to hide all this wiring and have the receiver unit placed directly on the backside of each TV. It helps that the AC-EX70-UHD-R is one of the slimmest receivers on the market!

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