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New Texas middle school installs New Absen N2Plus LED Wall for School Library

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New Texas middle school installs New Absen N2Plus LED Wall for School Library
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Established in 2020, Bobby Summers Middle School is a brand-new facility in the Royse City Independent School District, located 30 minutes outside of Dallas, TX. On January 30, 2019, the school board approved the construction of a 1,000 – student middle school at the cost of nearly $40 million dollars. The ground-breaking was held later in March of the same year.

During the design process of the library, the specifications included installing an LED panel with enough brightness and clarity that it can be seen anywhere within its viewing area. To accomplish this, bids were sent out to A/V Integrators in the area. Joe Mark Philips, BDM for ProComputing Corporation was among several other integrators that bid for the job. Having over 30 years of experience bringing interactive technology to the K-12 education spaces, along having forged many strong relationships with other Texas Education entities, allowed them to win the bid.

When it came down to choosing the right manufacturer and product, Absen and its N2 Plus became the choice, perfect for use in indoor environments such as education, house of worship, corporate, transport and retail spaces. The N2 Plus is a 2.4mm pixel pitch featuring a brightness of 800nits and a refresh rate of 3480 Hz. Since its value engineered for wall mount only, the savings compared to other models appeals to many K-12 school districts looking for a bright, affordable LED wall.

ProComputing set up a demonstration for the administration to see how it would look in the new library. With its stunning visual performance, easy maintenance, and affordability, the demonstration was a success.

The project was commenced this past July as one of the final parts to the schools’ construction. Forty-five N2 Plus panels were used to create the 14.17’ x 8.50’ LED wall with a diagonal viewing area of 16 ½ ft. With the slim and modern design, the wall space was transformed in the main section of the library. On Aug 24, 2020, the entire school was opened for the residents of Royse City. The main library, with their new Absen N2 Plus LED Wall, was a hit and received rave reviews.

"We are so excited to bring Absen’s Direct View LED Wall to Summers Middle School Library. This Technology will allow more flexibility to engage with the students and faculty as well providing information that’s viewable to the entire Library" says Joe Mark Philips. With the technology in place, student and teachers can learn and grow together in their new surroundings as they embark on a journey of learning together for years to come.

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