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The Bloc Hotels chain applies innovative design and construction techniques to build hotels with small, chic, and perfectly-formed rooms for travelers who appreciate quality and affordability. At its location in the terminal building of Gatwick Airport (United Kingdom), Bloc Hotels offers a comfortable night’s sleep at a competitive price, while embracing technology for the easiest and most convenient guest experience possible


Bloc Hotels realized they had to adapt their existing hardware and create inventive software to realize their vision of offering a superior experience for guests. They needed a control backbone that would be both resilient and secure. “Initially, we wanted to develop a completely new hotel stay experience for our customers that was seamless, touchless, and secure,” explains Olivier Delaunoy, Bloc Hotels' Chief Technology Officer. “However, the technology we needed to control our rooms was not available, as no one had attempted this before in the hotel industry.”


Bloc Hotels turned to Crestron and SYMBIoT to create this unprecedented hotel experience. A contactless technology solution, SYMBIoT provides a bespoke cloud-based room control management system that integrates with the hotel’s Property Management and Point of Sale systems to control the entire hotel experience and environment. Crestron control technology was selected because it eliminates the need for bulky onsite systems architecture.


Guests get a truly seamless and touchless experience when they enter Bloc Hotels. They can control door entry, lights, climate, blinds, and TV in the room from their own smartphone or tablet, as well as check in and out. They can even operate the elevators and be guided to their room. Best of all, there’s no need for a key card or for guests to download an app. Nothing else is needed to access the system.


Bloc Hotels has created a unique experience for its guests that puts automation control right in their hands. While the system was designed before COVID-19 disrupted the world, the fact that it reduces contact with surfaces that are commonly touched is a very fortunate by-product. Guests can use their own devices for everything they need to do, from the moment they step through the door of the hotel right up to checkout. Delaunoy explains, “Crestron has helped safeguard our hotel by reducing guest contact. We are now adapting our technology further to embrace that element.” Bloc Hotels plans to open additional hotels in the near future and will roll out this technology to all of them. SYMBIoT is also making the technology available for implementation at other hotel chains, and it is currently being rolled out internationally. Experts predict that this touchless, convenient, and seamlessly advanced experience, developed for Bloc Hotels in partnership with SYMBIoT and Crestron, will be a big part of the future of the hospitality industry.

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