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Italian Residence Takes Comfort To A Whole New Level

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Italian Residence Takes Comfort To A Whole New Level
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Located in the heart of Tuscany, this prestigious 18th-century mansion underwent a full renovation that respected a distinct neo-classical style. The beautiful property consists of a main villa, cellars, and outbuildings that span nearly 5,000 square meters on 52 hectares of land.


The homeowners began this journey hoping to install a home cinema, but when they realized the potential of Crestron home automation, they gradually kept expanding the project scope. What began as a oneroom project ended up encompassing multiple elements of the home, comprising control over audio and video distribution with a focus on convenience and ease of use.


With the need for scalability and flexibility and to avoid installing too many cables, AV integrator Sereni Elettronica selected Crestron DM NVX® AV-over-IP technology. Since every space has many lights and various types of climate control, the homeowner wanted all rooms to react in sync. A considerable amount of intelligent and extensive programming was needed to allow the homeowner control of every aspect from one device.


Using Crestron, Sereni Elettronica integrated everything, from access control for the garage door and gates to each audio-visual aspect. Complete room control is implemented in all areas, including the spa, pools, fountains, and garden areas. The gym features walls that can be raised, seamlessly merging the indoor and outdoor environments with the adjacent garden. The spa has a bathtub featuring a fountain-like element, complete with controllable LED lights. Lighting throughout the home is controlled through a Crestron KNX interface, with most scenes preprogrammed to simplify the system for the users. The home automation control for the entire domain can be managed from any of the 32 tablets and eight phones spread throughout the home.

Crestron video control allows the homeowner to easily change which and how many sources he sees. With each source having a 4K output, the homeowner simply needs to move the icon on their tablet to create a sideby-side, picture-in-picture display. Crestron DM NVX technology delivers all scenes with zero latency and seamless content distribution. These scenes can easily be edited by the homeowner from their tablet.

The Crestron control system is programmed with the home security system. Based on the security code, the Crestron system knows the amount of access required so that homeowners have full control of the system and guests can access only what is necessary. Crestron bases user access on the security system, ensuring unauthorized people cannot enter, so there is no need to reprogram anything when a security code changes. Since there are too many security zones to arm and disarm concurrently, Crestron technology combined all systems, simplifying their use.

All devices are equipped with an emergency button. When the countdown finishes, the alarm system is triggered, and the device shows a confirmation that the alarm company received the notification and will take the necessary steps.


By incorporating Crestron technology, the homeowners can enjoy the benefits of enhanced reliability, heightened security, and effortless ease of use. With complete room control spanning 120 areas within the villa, Crestron allows homeowners to conveniently utilize their features on-site or remotely.

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