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Jones Residence
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From the expansive pool options to the elevated living room, this luxurious Hawaii home epitomizes the category of Best Entertainment Everywhere Solution.

Perched on the picturesque island of Maui, Hawaii, this home brings to life a lavish and lush tropical paradise. This remarkable estate boasts an elaborate assortment of aquatic luxuries, including an elevated pool, a lower pool, a relaxing jacuzzi, a captivating cave grotto, an exhilarating slide, and an enchanting waterfall courtyard feature.

The challenge

The homeowner's vision for their Maui home was clear: to create a luxurious retreat that seamlessly integrated convenience, safety, and opulence through a personally tailored and user-friendly automation system. The property's vast size and its distinctive features did pose some challenges, but after retrofitting the existing home automation system, the result was breathtaking.

The solution

The homeowners decided to collaborate with Pacific Audio & Communications, LLC., a firm renowned for their industry expertise. Their vision for the property was to include a sophisticated yet user-friendly Crestron system that would serve as the centerpiece of their state-of-the-art residence. Pacific Audio & Communications, LLC collaborated with an architect, builder, and interior designer to ensure the integration went smoothly.

The technology

The backyard and various water amenities are a highlight of this home and serve as the focal point for the unique control aspects of this property. Three pool control systems were brought together under a unified Crestron interface, representing a significant achievement in streamlining management and providing an effortless, user-friendly interaction for the homeowners. The home features a hybrid Crestron system, which merged Crestron SIMPL programming software and Crestron Home® OS. This unique approach allowed for versatile and highly customizable control options perfectly tailored to the homeowner's needs and preferences.

At this residence, there is not a bad seat in the house as the entire home is lined with windows to enjoy the gorgeous greenery of the mountains. A folding glass wall in the grand living and dining space opens to the outdoor entertaining areas for a seamless flow from the home’s interior to the luxurious backyard amenities. Straight through those doors reveals an elegant patio with a view of the massive pool area. The homeowners and guests take advantage of the pool, complete with upper and lower levels, a jacuzzi, a cave grotto, a slide, and a waterfall feature. On the opposite side of the patio is a second living room with a walk-out dining space and an outdoor kitchen.

The Crestron system provides adaptive lighting and shading control that is automatically adjusted based on natural light occupancy or preset scenes. For an immersive sound experience across the property, Crestron audio solutions were added to make every gathering more enjoyable. Crestron integration ensured energy-efficient climate control through touch screens and occupancy sensors, which is vital given the unpredictable nature of the Hawaiian power grid. The homeowners also emphasized their need for security during the installment. With integrated intercom functionality through Crestron Home OS, communication and security are now prominent to ensure peace of mind.

Utilizing the full sandbox of programming options from Crestron, a variety of subsystems, including lighting, shading, climate control, security, audio, and pool control, were seamlessly integrated into a unified Crestron touch screen interface. This enables the homeowners to tackle several actions, including customizing their lighting preferences or being notified of security issues. Additionally, the system offers remote monitoring and automatic network optimization.

The results

The innovative integration of Crestron solutions not only met the homeowner's desires but also demonstrated excellence in automation, highlighting the unmatched versatility of Crestron technology. What distinguishes this project is the intuitive use of a hybrid Crestron system that also serves as a benchmark for pushing the boundaries of home automation. This tailored solution surpassed the homeowner's expectations and resulted in a highly personalized and truly sophisticated living environment.

“Creating a user-friendly and flexible home automation system was easy with Crestron. The homeowners can adapt the system in the future as their wants and needs might change,” says Pat Mulligan, VP, Pacific Audio and Communications Hawaii.

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