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James Loudspeaker - C-15DF5QCS
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55Q Style Subwoofer

Model: C-15DF5QCS

  • Suitable for marine audio applications
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This marine grade speaker was crafted to provide wide audio coverage on the beaches of Panama. In addition to having a wide coverage area, they also exhibit an impressive frequency response that reaches all the way down to 18Hz, and an astounding throw distance for high output levels at very far distances. Originally developed to carry audio all the way out in the water, overcoming both distance and noise-floor issues were a necessity, but as usual, James delivers. This speaker can also be easily mounted to the floor, making them perfect for any public area. It also has a custom pair of splayed 55Q style speakers on top of a EMB15DF subwoofer. All marine to survive the salt air and rain. A quantity of these run along the grass line cover the almost 50,000 square feet of sand and water. The systems were 70V bi-amped (100W x 2 for the tower section and 200W for the subwoofer).

  • Suitable for marine audio applications
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