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James Loudspeaker - C-45QALM
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Freestanding In-wall Loudspeaker

Model: C-45QALM

  • Wall mountable design
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James Loudspeaker is dedicated to providing custom solutions for any application. The all new C-45QALM was designed for a unique in wall application. This custom product is recessed into a wall and mounted directly to it producing a completely flush finish with a powerful speaker hidden behind. With 4 high-excursion woofers and the patented designed quad aluminum tweeter array, this speaker offers high output and power handling with an ultra-wide dispersion for maximum coverage and performance. Delivering bass down below 80Hz, with an astounding 92dB sensitivity, this speaker delivers both elegant design and audiophile quality sound where it counts, making it a perfect no-compromise solution for designers and audiophiles alike. Specifically designed at a requested size for installation in an existing cavity, the C-45QALM is just one more example of the premium custom work that James Loudspeaker does to meet the unique demands of each and every client.

  • Wall mountable design
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