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Works to enhance the signal for all devices that require wifi. Cover up to 1,500 square feet with fast, secure and reliable wifi. eero Pro connects to your modem with a simple setup to send a powerful signal throughout your home or business.

Connect your Ring of Security:

Connect your security to fast and secure Wi-Fi with three eero Pros. Simply connect them to your modem and follow the steps to unlock a stronger network signal. With three eero Pros placed throughout your home or business, you can cover up to 4,500 square feet with stronger, more reliable Wi-Fi.

Take control of your Wi-Fi:

The eero app is the simplest way to take full control of your Wi-Fi. You can monitor your network speeds, see which devices are connected, track your data usage and more right from your phone. Plus, it constantly checks for network issues and automatically downloads security updates to keep your system connected and protected.

Share and schedule access:

eero also gives you custom access controls so you can decide who uses your network, which devices can connect and how long they can stay connected. Simply create profiles in the app for your kids, friends and any other guests, and you can pick how many devices they can connect to your network, schedule their usage and enable content filters.

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