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Circa Resort & Casino is the ultimate entertainment experience, providing a flexible atmosphere where guests can enjoy luxurious, awe-inspiring amenities to work, play, or relax like never before. Officially opening its doors in 2020, the property was designed to honor Las Vegas for its historic charm while celebrating the legacy of the city that continues to be built on that foundation of being the gaming city of origin.

The challenge

With a focus on becoming the premier destination for sports viewing and betting, Circa strived to create an unrivaled experience and atmosphere that would draw guests in and keep them coming back. The property boasts the world’s largest sportsbook and the eye-catching destination Stadium Swim, both of which feature predominant screens that made visual impact and technical reliability primary considerations throughout the design process.

The solution

With digital content and engaging streams being a focal point throughout the property, selecting a dependable AV distribution system poised for future growth was imperative. After evaluating many solutions, the AV team at Circa selected the DM NVX® AV-over-IP platform because of its ability to synchronize the same content to be sent to multiple screens across the property as well as support 4K broadcasts as that becomes more available.

The technology

A striking venue, Stadium Swim is an iconic addition to the Las Vegas Strip, featuring six pools, a 40-foot HD screen, and three distinct levels for viewing. The multi-level destination is open 365 days a year, and the state-of-the-art filtration system allows the pool to stay open later than any other property in the city. The show-stopping attraction is ideal for watching a big game or streamed event, as Stadium Swim delivers the ultimate viewing experience, relying on an extensive DM NVX technology deployment. A combination of encoders and decoders feed live content to the screens, ensuring guests can watch the action in real time without worrying about latency. Stadium Swim was designed to give unobstructed views of the screens at all times. Attention to detail went beyond the technology that supports the space and even included measuring the chairs’ height and cabanas’ positioning.

The Circa property offers another unique entertainment venue onsite, home to the world’s largest sportsbook. The atmosphere sets the tone for viewing competitive sports and the perfect environment for placing a wager as the action plays out live. The sportsbook features a 78-million-pixel screen spanning 145 feet and is positioned three stories high. It is also powered by the DM NVX platform to provide television streaming entertainment throughout the venue. The space has a 1,000-person capacity with stadium seating, further elevating the viewing experience on a large scale. For a more personal setting at the table games, there are opportunities for staff to change the channel or adjust the volume on the smaller TVs to cater to the needs of the customers in that area.

Beyond the prominent entertainment options onsite, Circa provides several other offerings, including bars, restaurants, shops, and the Circa Ballroom. All these public areas feature Crestron Control to adjust lighting scenes, audio levels, and video feeds. The Circa Ballroom and expansive meeting rooms offer AV control that allows content to be shared seamlessly and tailors the space to fit the needs of the host. The team can use a tablet to control any TV screen or change the audio levels in any public space. The Crestron system allows the team to display video content anywhere on the property and control it centrally.

The results

Circa pays homage to the city's legacy and was designed with the guests in mind, creating engaging technology experiences that seamlessly complement the visual aesthetic. On a property where screen downtime would gravely impact the visitors, the AV team at Circa is confident in their operations, having the trusted support of Crestron Control and the DM NVX AV-over-IP platform. The success of this installation has led the AV team to trust the DM NVX solution in other properties as well, including The D Hotel & Casino Las Vegas.

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